A great hotel in NYC: Residence Inn New York Manhattan / Midtown East

As many of you know, I have had the joy of living some time ago in NY, precisely in Midtown West, close to Upper West Side. Every time I can, I return to the city, which I considered my second home. But until now, I never wrote about the hotels where I stay in different occasions. I’ll start with Residence Inn New York Manhattan / Midtown East, that in March 2017 we stayed for the second time because the excellent location, personalized attention and the possibility of having a room that is like an apartment. Location, location, location Four blocks … Continue reading A great hotel in NYC: Residence Inn New York Manhattan / Midtown East

Mi Buenos Aires Querido: “El Bajo”

Let’s continue touring Buenos Aires around the area known as “El Bajo” which includes the newest neighborhood in the city such as Puerto Madero, and some historic like Retiro, San Telmo and La Boca. In Retiro, you will find the train station and subway line C, also Plaza San Martin (square), Kavanagh Building, skyscraper became the highest in South America that in 1999 was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In this neighborhood is located the Parisian Arroyo Street with important architectural buildings, stately palaces and huge French-style residences. Among them stands out the Estrugamou Palace built in 1929, … Continue reading Mi Buenos Aires Querido: “El Bajo”

Buenos Aires Querido: Our Downtown

This post stars with the title of a tango that identifies us in the whole world, in the unmistakable voice of zorzal Carlos Gardel; Buenos Aires is one of the most important cities in the world, where I have the privilege of living here. Here you’ll find a guide of the unmissable places in neighborhoods like Monserrat, Balvanera, San Nicolás, in the area known as our Downtown: –  Obelisco (Obelisk): synonymous of Buenos Aires located in the intersections of Corrientes Avenue and 9 de Julio Avenue, at Plaza de la República (Republic Square) a place known even in a photo. … Continue reading Buenos Aires Querido: Our Downtown

Miramar, the best childhood memories

This post is totally different, dedicated to Miramar, a place that refers to my childhood, to my best memories of the city, known as “the city of children and bicycles”. For those who read me from abroad, Miramar is a city located in Buenos Aires Province, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, our Argentine Sea. Miramar is almost 450 kilometers from the City of Buenos Aires, and less than 50 kilometers from the neighboring Mar del Plata, the famous seaside city. My first visit I don’t remember because I was almost three months old and during more than 20 … Continue reading Miramar, the best childhood memories

Argentina, so many places to visit…

My country has a lot to offer, Argentina has a unique mixture of landscapes, so different to each other. We have all different kind of weather, mountains, countryside, sea, lakes, desert and jungle, big cities, smaller, charming towns. My last trip inside Argentina was to Ushuaia and El Calafate, in October 2016, two magical places, with only one visit for sure isn’t enough. As a child I visited El Calafate, in the 80’s, on a family road trip, with my dad driving a Ford Falcon around the Argentine routes. After leaving Buenos Aires we stopped a few days in my … Continue reading Argentina, so many places to visit…

Mendoza, land of wine, Aconcagua Mountain and much more

Now, I’m sharing this post about the city of Mendoza, and some places near this provincial capital. I had visited Mendoza three times and I know I’ll go back. It’s so beautiful and a lot to do there. My first visit to the land of wine was in April 2006, the second in October 2007 and finally November 2015. Except for the 2006 visit of a week, the other two occasions were only 3-day stays; in fact Mendoza Capital is ideal for a typical weekend long getaway. The City of Mendoza has several squares, starting at Independence Square in the … Continue reading Mendoza, land of wine, Aconcagua Mountain and much more

Iguazu Falls, another wonder of the World

Just as the Perito Moreno Glacier leaves us speechless, the same happens with the Iguazu Falls, both destinations visited by Argentines as thousands of foreigners, who come to my country not only for visit Buenos Aires, but for these unique places. My first trip to Iguazu Falls in September 1990, also was my first time traveling by plane, on a flight from Austral. The flight back home I will never forget because the Captain said that who we were sitting on the left side would see the falls, it was an amazing view! In addition to going to the Falls … Continue reading Iguazu Falls, another wonder of the World

Ushuaia – At the End of the World

We arrived in Ushuaia on a Saturday, in October of 2016 with an Aerolineas Argentinas flight around 2:00 pm, which took a little more than three hours from Buenos Aires. Already, the landing is a spectacle itself. Those who love to fly as me know, in advance, the history of the city’s airport, the previous very dangerous runway. This modern airport gives us a wonderful panoramic view of this city, called the City of the End of the World. We stayed at Hotel Arakur that picked us up at the airport. In about 20 minutes, we checked in at one … Continue reading Ushuaia – At the End of the World

Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the wonders of the world

It had been more than a year of my visit to the Perito Moreno Glacier, near the Patagonian town of El Calafate in the province of Santa Cruz, in October 2016. It was not my first time in this magical, unique, unmissable place. I was lucky to visit in 1986, arriving by car from Buenos Aires. My parents had decided that our summer vacation would be totally different. Instead of the traditional and quiet holidays in Miramar, we would only spend a few days there, to depart on a road trip to the Patagonia Argentina. We arrived after about 15 … Continue reading Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the wonders of the world

Flybondi quiere despegar

En el día de hoy arrancó la venta de pasajes de la nueva companía aérea low cost Flybondi, en Argentina. Flybondi unirá Buenos Aires con Córdoba, Bariloche, Santiago del Estero, Bahía Blanca, Mendoza, Posadas, Neuquén, Tucumán, Salta, Corrientes. La empresa volará con aviones Boeing 737. Al momento cuenta con un solo avión, veremos cuando llegan los próximos para comenzar las operaciones a la brevedad, como prometen. Se puede comprar el pasaje a través de la web, sin comisiones. Les paso el link de Flybondi así ya van mirando los destinos, condiciones de tarifas y servicios incluidos: https://www.flybondi.com/ Como estoy subscripta … Continue reading Flybondi quiere despegar