Argentina, so many places to visit…

My country has a lot to offer, Argentina has a unique mixture of landscapes, so different to each other. We have all different kind of weather, mountains, countryside, sea, lakes, desert and jungle, big cities, smaller, charming towns.

My last trip inside Argentina was to Ushuaia and El Calafate, in October 2016, two magical places, with only one visit for sure isn’t enough.

Badly called Faro del Fin del Mundo, the real name: Faro Les Eclaireurs, Ushuaia

As a child I visited El Calafate, in the 80’s, on a family road trip, with my dad driving a Ford Falcon around the Argentine routes. After leaving Buenos Aires we stopped a few days in my dear Miramar, where I had my traditional summer holidays. From there we skirted the entire coast until we reached El Calafate stopping in destinations such as Monte Hermoso, Carmen de Patagones, Viedma, Las Grutas, Puerto Madryn, Puerto Pirámides, Trelew, Rawson , Gaiman, Comodoro Rivadavia, Caleta Olivia, Río Gallegos and of course, El Calafate. We could not cross into Ushuaia because in 1986 the road was very complicated and wasn’t recommended it. From this road trip someday I will write a vintage post with this particular trip, a memory forever.

This famous sign illustrates the immensity of our Argentina, October 2016
This famous sign illustrates the immensity of our Argentina, distances in kilometers. October 2016

I got to the chance to know the beautiful Ushuaia in 2016, the end of the world, and return to Calafate, that changed from a small town of 5 blocks as I remember to a small city, with a modern airport, a lot of hotels (when I went in the 80’s there was only a hotel and a couple of inns, all very simple), restaurants and many travel agencies for excursions. The Perito Moreno Glacier has a separate post; beautiful, imposing, walk through the glacier is a unique and highly recommended experience.

The majestic glacier Perito Moreno, El Calafate

Previously another local destination was Mendoza, in November 2015. It was not the first time in the province, since it is a place that I try to return because it is one of the most beautiful provinces. Also in June 2015 we took a getaway to Mar de Plata, out of season, ideal to enjoy it, with the luck that was not so cold (was winter time).

Mar del Plata, the famous seaside city in winter, June 2015.

If I keep going back in 2014 we visited Iguazu Falls, that wonderful park full of foreign tourists, who are impressed with the waterfalls and the boat trip to feel the water so close. I believe that adventure tour was one of the most impressive excursions that I did, “touching and felling” the falls, getting soaked but happy, a moment of fullness.

I could continue mentioning provinces, cities, towns, which are worth visiting that I know. Salta, Córdoba, Bariloche, Villa La Angostura, Cariló.

Also, those of us who live in Buenos Aires please try to discover our city. All the people, who visited Buenos Aires, from different countries that I spoke were delighted with Buenos Aires. Sometimes we walk around Buenos Aires without realizing that we are passing through a historical place, of an incalculable cultural value but for us it is “normal” because may be we see it every day, in our commute.

I will go up post little by little of my favorite places in Argentina to inspire us to travel, I still have as much pending to know as Tucumán, San Juan, San Luis, some areas of Mendoza, I want to return to Ushuaia in the middle of winter. I hope the National Government and the tourism industry understand that Argentina needs more diffusion and investment to attract local and foreign tourists and of course to the Argentineans in order to re-elect our country as a tourist destination, which has so much to offer.

Let’s travel through Argentina!


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