Villa La Angostura for a day

This time our visit to Villa La Angostura was for the day. Thirteen years went by without travelling to this part of Patagonia. It was in November 2018, our wonderful day there. We drove from Bariloche in our Nissan Versa car, rented at Hertz. The distance between Bariloche, where we stayed, and Villa La Angostura it’s almost 82 kilometers (or 52 miles) Just the road, offers us panoramic views of the mountains, lakes, and woods. An amazing road, that is a must do! Arrival at Villa La Angostura About noon we were in Villa La Angostura. We just got place … Continue reading Villa La Angostura for a day

My visit to Llao Llao Hotel: Tea Time!

After a lot of dreaming, I finally got the chance of visit the Llao Llao Hotel. As many may be read at my blog, my dream was to stay at the hotel. At least this time it was not possible, all booked. Next time! I saw the Llao Llao Hotel from the road, in my first visit to Bariloche in 1992. The hotel was closed, in a state of neglect. But, I remember seeing some machines working on it. At that time I thought about the decline of my dearest country, which allowed that such an icon of Patagonia and … Continue reading My visit to Llao Llao Hotel: Tea Time!

My visit to Hangars and Cefepra, thanks to Aerolineas Argentinas

On 11 September 2018, with my husband, we were invited by Aerolineas Argentinas to visit the Hangars and the Cefepra, thanks to the “Platinum Experience” for its AR Plus frequent passengers. The experience began with a breakfast at the Hotel Panamericano. Then the guests went to Ezeiza Airport with a charter. In our case, with our car we went directly at the airport. The personal of Aerolineas Argentinas told us how to get to the entrance of Hangars and the Cefepra because, of course, it isn’t from the main entrance to the airport from Ricchieri Highway. Along the way, near … Continue reading My visit to Hangars and Cefepra, thanks to Aerolineas Argentinas

Travel thoughts

Thanks a question that @Juanoflyer made me regarding my last trip, I’m writing this post. As having a very busy traveling streak during the past years, I decided to open a travel blog that’s why I called the blog as (Travel Always) more than a year ago. My idea was to share memories, tips, help to the readers and, of course, inspire you to travel. However, due to family issues, my traveler’s plans of 2018 are on hold. My last big trip was Miami and New York on part of February and March 2017. That conversation in RadioQV, it … Continue reading Travel thoughts

Movies that inspire us to travel: which movie inspired you?

I’m sure there are thousands of notes in newspapers, travel magazines, blogs about films that inspires us to travel. On those days I watched, again, the movie Pride and Prejudice that triggers this post. Enjoying those landscapes of England in the nineteenth century, with those palaces and English country houses, take us immediately to other time, to the time of Jane Austen. Of course, for the fans of Jane Austen there are many tours to visit the different locations that inspired the writer. That’s why I wonder which movies inspire you to travel. Have you planned a visit to somewhere … Continue reading Movies that inspire us to travel: which movie inspired you?