Iguazu Falls, another wonder of the World

Just as the Perito Moreno Glacier leaves us speechless, the same happens with the Iguazu Falls, both destinations visited by Argentines as thousands of foreigners, who come to my country not only for visit Buenos Aires, but for these unique places.

My first trip to Iguazu Falls in September 1990, also was my first time traveling by plane, on a flight from Austral.

The flight back home I will never forget because the Captain said that who we were sitting on the left side would see the falls, it was an amazing view!

Iguazu Fall and the jungle

In addition to going to the Falls on the Argentine side, also we visited the Brazilian side, we went to the Hito Tres Fronteras and Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, in the 90’s shopping paradise of the Argentines.

I returned 24 years later, in November 2014, also by plane, although this time with LAN Argentina (before becoming LATAM). This time accompanied by my husband.

As we would be staying at the Sheraton Iguazú Resort & Spa, a hotel car was waiting for us.

Upon entering the hotel, inside the Iguazú National Park, the view from the lobby towards the falls had worth every penny. I was lucky to stay during the three nights, it’s a high demanded hotel, and sometimes it’s difficult to find rooms.

We arrived around 2pm, so after checking in, we settled in the room overlooking the falls and observed them from our balcony for a while.

View of the Iguazu Falls and the National Park from our room.
View of the Iguazu Falls and the National Park from our room.

If you stay in this hotel the entrance to the national park is paid so during the stay you can visit it without limitations. In fact, the hotel gardens are linked to the National Park, there is a sign announcing that you are leaving the Sheraton.

This is a great advantage because if you want to go to the park on the Argentine sides at the morning, then return to lunch, rest or be at pool in the afternoon you can return to the park again without charges all day long, the same during the whole stay. Because of that, we visited several times the Iguazu National Park.

That same afternoon we were already walking through the National Park and toured the footbridges of the Lower Circuit on the Argentine side.

Unfortunately, the walkway to the Garganta del Diablo was closed by a very strong flood of the river, which had made it unstable. It was closed for repairs; now we have to return!!!

Although I remember the old catwalks, having walked to the Garganta del Diablo, in 1990.

We did not want to end that day without using the hotel pool, to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

We also took the opportunity to tour the entire hotel and schedule what we would do in the coming days with the excursion agency, located at the lobby.

We knew that we would not go to the Hito de las Tres Fronteras, or to Ciudad del Este.

The priority plan was the Waterfalls and rest at hotel, considering that the hotel has a beautiful spa and pool to enjoy.

That night we had dinner inside the hotel in the Lobby Bar. We decided that we would not go to the Argentinean city of Puerto Iguazú for eating.

The great advantage of the hotel is to be inside National Park but the only disadvantage is that if you do not rent a car, or you arrive by car from your house, the cabs between the hotel and the city are expensive. For the same money of two cabs plus dinner at any downtown’s restaurant you can eat perfectly inside the Sheraton.

And that we did all three nights. The hotel has the Lobby Bar, fast and more accessible meals, and the Garganta del Diablo restaurant, where breakfast is served; you can have a buffet lunch at noon.

At night the restaurant offers also buffet or a la carte options with international and exquisite food.

The hotel also offers several meeting rooms, ideal for conferences, conventions and small social and business events.

We stayed in a Classic View to Cataracts Room, about 30 square meters. The view is what is most appreciated. It should be noted that the condition of the rooms is very good as well as the common spaces.

Now the hotel is a Melia Resort, maybe they improve it some details that needed update.

The next day, we did the most recommended tour, Great Adventure with the people of Iguazu Jungle Company, which operate at Iguazu National Park since 1994.

The van specially designed for Great Adventure Excursion (Iguazú Jungle agency)
The van specially designed for Great Adventure Excursion (Iguazú Jungle agency)

First we walked around the visitor center, a visit of approximately 20 minutes of duration, where you can learn from the flora, fauna, biological diversity of the park as well as the relationship of man with the forest.

Also got on the ecological train that runs through the national park.

The ecological train
The ecological train

We entered to the jungle by the narrow path Yacaratiá in vans designed for this particular environment with bilingual guides (Spanish and English) that told us about the natural and cultural richness of the place.

The journey in this van is about 5 km, culminating in the Puerto Macuco Jungle base. After descending 100 meters walking, we arrived at the pier to board the boats which we traveled 6km of the canyon of the river Iguazú Inferior towards the area of waterfalls, enjoying the rivers rapids.

Then to the base of the waterfall Tres Mosqueteros sighting the set of Brazilian and Argentinian jumps, with the Garganta del Diablo crowning the view of the canyon.

The culminate emotion moment was facing the waterfall San Martín, second in terms of dimension and the greater one that a motorboat can approximate.

Approaching to San Martín Falls
Approaching to San Martín Falls

It was a unique experience feeling the water getting wet, a moment of absolute peace, indescribable in words, a sense of freedom and full happiness. Highly recommended.

Finally we disembark at the dock located in front of San Martin Island from where we reintegrated into the system of footbridges, through the Lower Circuit.

Obviously totally soaked. From the jungle of Iguazú you want to carry out a change of clothes to change in the park.

We went to change to the hotel and then we returned to complete the tour in the Superior Circuit.

That night after a lot of walking and adventure excursion, we had dinner at the Garganta Del Diablo restaurant, my husband asked for a dish à la carte, but I decided on the buffet option. Good international cuisine in a very warm atmosphere.

The next day we should have done the falls on the Brazilian side, although as we both preferred to continue exploring the Argentine side as much as the Lower and Upper Circuits, visiting the Old Hotel Cataratas which is also obviously within the park.

That last evening we spent in the pool and spa of the hotel, because for us also was a weekend of rest. Again we had dinner at the Lobby Bar.

Unfortunately at noon, after breakfast we left for the airport, knowing that we made another unforgettable trip.

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Iguazú Jungle: in addition to Paseo Gran Aventura, they offer many excursions such as Paseo Aventura Náutica, Ecological Tour, Green Passport and Passport Cataratas.


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