Miramar, the best childhood memories

This post is totally different, dedicated to Miramar, a place that refers to my childhood, to my best memories of the city, known as “the city of children and bicycles”.

For those who read me from abroad, Miramar is a city located in Buenos Aires Province, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, our Argentine Sea.

Miramar is almost 450 kilometers from the City of Buenos Aires, and less than 50 kilometers from the neighboring Mar del Plata, the famous seaside city.

Panoramic View of Miramar
Panoramic View of Miramar

My first visit I don’t remember because I was almost three months old and during more than 20 years I had there my summer holidays. Eventually I return, although not as often as I would like.

All my summer holidays back in the 80’s, 90’s and the beginning of 2000 were here. On some occasions, we even went at the end of December to spend the New Year’s Eve, magical moments with the fireworks losing on the sea.

The city, beaches and forest

Miramar has different kinds of beaches; in the city center and the beaches of the North, which are quieter and wilder beaches over the Route 11, from where you get to the city, before the well-known General San Martin Arch, which gives us the Welcome.

There is also more beaches to the south, passing the “Vivero” (the forest), where Miramar joins its neighbor Mar del Sur little town.

The beach at the entrance of the “Vivero”

Miramar has the lush forest “Vivero Dunícola Florentino Ameghino”, an oasis of trees and nature, which is impossible not to visit. You can reach by foot, car and on bicycle, the transport par excellence of Miramar.

The “Vivero”, as we call, allows, in certain areas, to make barbecue (provides the infrastructure) to spend a nice day.

As for urban design, the city has four diagonal lines that converge to four central squares, avenues and a pedestrian street of great commercial movement that connects the central squares with Costanera Avenue.

The city has seven avenues, and only on them the construction of high-rise buildings is allowed. In the inner streets only low-rise villas are allowed, these are. For example, Parquemar neighborhood or the pier area with beautiful mansions and chalets.

Also in the blocks near the center you can find houses with their gardens, a few blocks from the sea.

In fact, in Miramar there are no traffic lights, it is a city of about 37,000 inhabitants, which can reach 500,000 in the summer season, but the traffic flows. The only rush hour can occur on Costanera Avenue at the time of returning from the beach, but it’s still tolerable.

The true is most of us turn off the car because it’s almost not used, unless you decide to go to the beaches away from the city center or to visit the “Vivero” to make a barbecue.

What to do in Miramar?

Discounted that the beach is everything, but there is much more.

The “Vivero” has many visitors on a cloudy day or with sun but very windy to be at the beach. Barbecue, hiking, biking or go to the playground of this forest is part of the fun there.

In my childhood I could spend hours on my bicycle traveling around the city. Everybody enjoys the bicycles, many places to rent them.

You can also make a trip to Mar del Sur, to visit this uncrowded beaches, the historic Hotel Boulevard Atlántico, with many myths around it. In fact, when I learned to drive, I remembering driving in a route for the first time with my dad, the 17 kilometers that separates Miramar from Mar del Sur.

Other attractions, rides in 4 × 4 at the sand dunes: http://www.ciudad-de-miramar.com.ar/html/medanos.html

Another place “historical and famous” is Mickey, American type bar that sells the richest dulce de leche pancakes!!! It also delights us with hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, huge ice cream desserts, which remind me of those childhood flavors. Today it continues with its decoration intact, as it remained in time, back in the wonderful 50’s. It is a must stop in the city.


Mickey bar, don’t miss to try the food here. Located in 9 de Julio Street, the main commercial street of Miramar.

How to get to Miramar

The city of Miramar has a bus terminal, inaugurated in 2011, located on Avenue 40th, bordering the old railway station (out of service, although I hope the train returns, after repair of tracks and new trains).

Bus companies offers trips from/to different points of the Atlantic Coast, City of Buenos Aires, Greater Buenos Aires and the main provincial capitals. In addition, the city is connected by several companies of cabs.

Miramar also has an Aerodrome, with a control tower inaugurated in 1997 that allows the arrival of small aircraft. I remember when the control tower and the airstrip were opened, the rumor was that Aerolineas Argentinas flights could come, but it never happened.

In fact, many passengers arrived with Aerolineas Argentinas flights to Mar del Plata and from there took transfers to Miramar. Hopefully one day, at least on summer time, we will have flights connecting Buenos Aires with my beloved Miramar.

Most of the people arrives at the city by car, from Buenos Aires through Highway Number 2 to Mar del Plata and then continue along Provincial Route Number 11. It can also be reached by the Provincial Route 77 that connects with Provincial Route 88.

Accommodation in the city.

One of the shortcomings is the lack of a 4 or 5 star hotel. Obviously, Miramar has many hotels of two or three stars, but in recent years appeared some very good, aparts- hotels or cottage with exquisite taste, aimed at a family audience or couples who request a spa, beach services, different amenities.

Having an apartment that belongs to the family since the 60’s, I never needed a hotel, but always seemed to me that the hotel offer was limited.

If someone wanted something premium, you must rent an apartment (some of them offers cleaning services) or the beautiful villas around the city. Houses in Miramar are really beautiful.

If you go to Mar del Plata, visit Miramar for a day, at least once. You will not regret it.

Also it’s worth mentioning that Interbalnearia route number 11 will provide a unique landscape between both cities, seeing the sea, cliffs and forests, as well as a path of curves and slopes that makes it very touristy.

Following some hotels recommendations:

Alto Miramar >> http://altomiramar.com.ar/

Puerta del Bosque >> http://www.puertadelbosque.com/

Costa Remanso >> http://www.costaremanso.com.ar/

Villasol >> http://www.hosteriavillasol.com.ar/

Before arriving to the city, Miramar Golf Course is located; where there are charming little houses and apartments for rent, with hotel services called Cardon Miramar Links Apartments, offering panoramic views of the sea, a swimming pool, a private beach area. Ideal place for golfers.

According to experts of the sport, they qualify to the field links type Scottish, of the decade of the 30’s, as one of the few in that style in South America.

The landscape of the golf course and the sea is very attractive. In addition, the English House Club gives this distinctive touch, which those of us who had been to Miramar always love to see it.

Some photos of a visit in December, which is why you will see fewer people. I hope you can take a walk for the beautiful Miramar:

Beautiful houses in front of the sea
23rd Avenue, with a boulevard.

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