Movies that inspire us to travel: which movie inspired you?

I’m sure there are thousands of notes in newspapers, travel magazines, blogs about films that inspires us to travel.

On those days I watched, again, the movie Pride and Prejudice that triggers this post.

Enjoying those landscapes of England in the nineteenth century, with those palaces and English country houses, take us immediately to other time, to the time of Jane Austen.

Of course, for the fans of Jane Austen there are many tours to visit the different locations that inspired the writer.

That’s why I wonder which movies inspire you to travel. Have you planned a visit to somewhere thanks to a movie (or TV series)? Where would you like to go?

My favorite movie

As fan of The Sound of Music, since my parents rented the videocassette when I was 10 years old, I dreamed of visiting Salzburg, Austria. A dream came true in April 2016

Von Trapp’s family home at The Sound of Music, Salzburg, Austria.

Also I enjoyed many other landscapes thanks to movies that I loved, as well as I still have a huge list of pending places to be discovered thanks to movies.

New York, an essential location

New York is a clear example of a city that is part of the argument. Probably without New York those movies (or series) would not be the same. New York becomes a main character. We cannot imagine When Harry met Sally without NY or Katz’s Delicatessen

Or in the case of The Devil Wears Prada, NY is imperative for the script.

Lower Manhattan, from Brooklyn Bridge

For kids don’t forget Home Alone 2: Lost in NY. Already the title tells us that we will enjoy NY in many scenes such as the mythical Plaza Hotel, views of Central Park, or a toy store that refers us to the mythical and extinct FAO Schwarz.

I also Big with a very young Tom Hanks dancing on a piano, right in the iconic FAO Schwarz located on Fifth Avenue.

Breakfasts at Tiffany’s, Barefoot in the Park, in a New York in the 60’s, Working Girl or Sleepless in Seattle are other films in the New York is fundamental. The TV series Sex & the City with the two films, made to NYC the fifth protagonist.

Italy, another great place

Italy another set for many movies, with beautiful locations in this European country.

Even The Talented Mr. Ripley starts in New York, although the real locations are between the cities of Naples, Rome and Venice as well as Positano, or the islands of Ischia and Procida.

Letters to Juliet basically Verona and Siena are the cities where it was filmed along with dream landscapes of Tuscany. Also during the road trip of the script the main characters visited vineyards, convents and Italian villas. That makes us want to take a ticket to this region of Italy immediately.

In Verona, Casa Di Giulietta is one of the essential locations of the film. I had the pleasure of visiting Verona in April 2016 (

To this house of the most classic tragedy of love of all time, thousands of women from all over the world come to leave their love and loveless letters. For many it will sound corny, but it is what generates a story like that of Romeo and Juliet. I travelled with my husband so I didn’t need to leave a letter, and I do not believe in those things, although I understand what can generate in many women.

Eat, pray, love the first part is Rome the privileged scenario. Of course, dedicate to the food. Piazza Navona, Fontana di Trevi, Campo di Fiori or Villa Borghese are the places we will most enjoy of “Bella Roma”. For pray part the film moves us to India, and finally for love to Bali.

Piazza dei Popolo, in the Eternal Rome.

In Only You, Venice, Rome and Positano are the outstanding locations of the film. In my case, I have Positano pending and since I saw the movie I want to know this charming town.

Paris another city that becomes the protagonist as in Amélie with the Café des Deux Moulins and the Canal Saint-Martin, plus the already famous stairs of the Sacré Couer are the unmissable locations in a visit to the city.

Other places

Also Midnight in Paris we are seeing the current Paris with the Paris of the fabulous 20’s.

Several films of James Bond throughout history, beyond its arguments that fluctuate between good, regular and bad, have always given us landscapes and dream cities, with the added glamor and luxury that surrounds the saga.

Motorcycle Diaries, movie about a part of Che Guevara’s life alongside his friend Alberto Granado through a motorcycle road trip. This road trip started in Argentina visiting Chile, Peru, Venezuela and Colombia.

Beautiful landscapes and different cultures are a fundamental part of the argument. For me, this movie also has a special felling. I watched in a Times Square movie theater, since I was living in New York it 2004. A rare feeling to hear “Spanish, with an Argentinean accent “, to have the subtitles in English and of course to see my beloved Argentina so many kilometers away.

Notting Hill made this neighborhood of London fashionable. Today a must stop for any tourist visiting the British capital. Within the locations, two stand out over the rest. The first one is the house of the movie where William Tacker (Hugh Grant) lived and the other is the travel bookstore located at number 142 of Portobello Road, and it is actually a shoe store.

But outside the neighborhood, in the film we will recognize London’s landmarks such as the Ritz Hotel and the Savoy Hotel, among others.

But in London many films were filmed, without going any further with the new classic Christmas’s picture as Love Actually.

Of course, Big Ben or Elizabeth Tower as was renamed. London

So, have you planned a visit to somewhere thanks to a movie (or TV series)? Where would you like to go?

I will be reading your answers. In the meantime I will continue enjoying movies with nice locations and dreaming about more trips!!

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