My visit to Llao Llao Hotel: Tea Time!

After a lot of dreaming, I finally got the chance of visit the Llao Llao Hotel.

Part of the main garden and the Llao Llao Hotel.

As many may be read at my blog, my dream was to stay at the hotel. At least this time it was not possible, all booked. Next time!

I saw the Llao Llao Hotel from the road, in my first visit to Bariloche in 1992. The hotel was closed, in a state of neglect. But, I remember seeing some machines working on it.

At that time I thought about the decline of my dearest country, which allowed that such an icon of Patagonia and Argentina to be in that way.

In 1993 I returned to Bariloche with my friends in the High School graduated trip. Just a quick sight from the road.

My previous trip to Bariloche in 2005, we just took picture from the road, across the lake. We could enjoy it with its renewed splendor.

Historical, beautiful, exquisite architecture. And of course, a privileged location, almost unique in the world.

The day has come

This trip to Bariloche we had to postpone twice, only in 2018. We could have traveled in April and in October and probably on those days we would have stayed here.

With the new date of our trip in November there was no availability. And the trip we could not (nor wanted) to continue postponing it.

For that reason, at least we would go to take his famous and traditional tea. It was a way to finally enter the hotel to tour it a bit, and of course taste all the delights.

By mail answered me that one or two days in advance I have to contact them by phone (when I arrive to Bariloche) to book a table. Important: you can only go with a prior reservation due to the logical demand.

We arrived on the night of Saturday, November 10th. Obviously that Sunday I was calling. There was room for Monday, but we prefer to get on Tuesday, November 13th.

On our way

That Tuesday we enjoyed the full breakfast buffet of our beautiful hotel and before noon we went to Circuito Chico to make the most traditional tour in Bariloche, where the city, woods, lakes and mountains come together. And of course, the Hotel Llao Llao is part of it.

That noon we didn’t have lunch.

Around 3:30 p.m. we were at the hotel, an hour earlier. We had the chance of walking through the magnificent lobby and the endless entrance hall, the gardens and enjoying the incredible view of Lake Nahuel Huapi.

The doors of the Winter Garden were opened where tea is served, a few minutes before 4:30 p.m. Meanwhile we were sitting a few meters away in the Lobby Bar where they offered cocktails, Happy Hour and shows at night.

Some part of the lobby at the Bustillo Wing.

The Winter Garden is a glazed environment, with stone floor; walls with wood, large windows accompanied by curtains that allows to the landscape to show off: lakes, mountains and the delicatessen that the hotel offers.

Rattan chairs, very comfortable by the way, delicate crockery – with the logo of the hotel as appropriate – and the staff’s attention made that we want to stay forever in the Winter Garden.

Our table waiting for us.

It is also the ideal place to have lunch, which non-guest can also come to taste a salad bar with a variety of regional salads and cold meats, a selection of hot dishes and mini desserts.

Winter Garden and its Llao Llao Tea

Among the delights offered by the traditional “Llao Llao Tea” with its selection of tea in strands, it is impossible to miss the “Llao Llao” blend created by the renowned international sommelier Inés Bertón, as well as its exquisite hot chocolate.

Enjoying the Tea Time

The Winter Garden welcomes us with a buffet full of variety of cakes, red fruit tarts, scones, muffins, brioches, brownies and mini sandwiches of smoked salmon or raw ham and walnut bread.

The day we went the mini cake was with pistachio, as well as every day the highlight is “the cake of the day.”

Some of the delighful patisserie

In my case I had two teas, of course the Llao Llao blend. My husband tasted the hot chocolate, what should I say, I asked him to try a sip. Without words to describe: simply delicious! The next I ask for a tea and a hot chocolate!!

Logically I could not try everything. Even if I wanted to do it, I can’t eat that much. However, I repeated the mini smoked salmon sandwich, also without words to describe that flavor. As well as very rich bread flavored cheese stuffed with ham. It’s was an addiction!

Juice of the day: blackberry juice

More info

The cost of the “Tea of five o clock” for both was $ 1500 Argentinean Pesos, around USD 40 for two.

For some it may seem accessible, for others not so much. But I can guarantee that it is worth every dollar, to indulge you with a nice taste!

We left the hotel with the hope of return soon… For me, travel is the best therapy!!!

Don’t miss Llao Llao Hotel, you’ll enjoy it!!!

Champagne for a perfect ending of this experience.

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For booking a table you can write to:

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