Villa La Angostura for a day

This time our visit to Villa La Angostura was for the day. Thirteen years went by without travelling to this part of Patagonia. It was in November 2018, our wonderful day there. We drove from Bariloche in our Nissan Versa car, rented at Hertz. The distance between Bariloche, where we stayed, and Villa La Angostura it’s almost 82 kilometers (or 52 miles) Just the road, offers us panoramic views of the mountains, lakes, and woods. An amazing road, that is a must do! Arrival at Villa La Angostura About noon we were in Villa La Angostura. We just got place … Continue reading Villa La Angostura for a day

Fin de semana difícil para pasajeros LATAM

Sentí la necesidad de escribir lo que pienso al leer en Twitter (como sí la vida pasará por Twitter) sobre  LATAM durante este fin de semana. Seguro algunos bloggers expertos en el tema puedan decirlo con mejores palabras e información. Pero haré el intento…. No debe ser la primera vez que LATAM deja a pie a pasajeros ni será la última, lamentablemente. No es la primera compañía aérea que arma semejante despelote sin brindar soluciones a los pasajeros como merecen. Tampoco será la única ni la última compañía con estos comportamientos. Escribí un Tweet donde decía que por una mala … Continue reading Fin de semana difícil para pasajeros LATAM

Mendoza, land of wine, Aconcagua Mountain and much more

Now, I’m sharing this post about the city of Mendoza, and some places near this provincial capital. I had visited Mendoza three times and I know I’ll go back. It’s so beautiful and a lot to do there. My first visit to the land of wine was in April 2006, the second in October 2007 and finally November 2015. Except for the 2006 visit of a week, the other two occasions were only 3-day stays; in fact Mendoza Capital is ideal for a typical weekend long getaway. The City of Mendoza has several squares, starting at Independence Square in the … Continue reading Mendoza, land of wine, Aconcagua Mountain and much more

Iguazu Falls, another wonder of the World

Just as the Perito Moreno Glacier leaves us speechless, the same happens with the Iguazu Falls, both destinations visited by Argentines as thousands of foreigners, who come to my country not only for visit Buenos Aires, but for these unique places. My first trip to Iguazu Falls in September 1990, also was my first time traveling by plane, on a flight from Austral. The flight back home I will never forget because the Captain said that who we were sitting on the left side would see the falls, it was an amazing view! In addition to going to the Falls … Continue reading Iguazu Falls, another wonder of the World