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Thanks a question that @Juanoflyer made me regarding my last trip, I’m writing this post.

As having a very busy traveling streak during the past years, I decided to open a travel blog that’s why I called the blog as (Travel Always) more than a year ago.

My idea was to share memories, tips, help to the readers and, of course, inspire you to travel.

However, due to family issues, my traveler’s plans of 2018 are on hold. My last big trip was Miami and New York on part of February and March 2017.

That conversation in RadioQV, it made retake an idea of ​​a pending post regarding the places I have yet to visit.

Although the blog is, the full name is longer: “Always Travel or Dream about Traveling”. Because even if we do not travel, we should never stop dreaming, it’s a way of life.

When we talk about travel, we do not have to think about going so far away from home. You can also travel in our own city.

The trips can be near, far, many days, few days, a weekend getaway, alone, with a couple or the family, with friends, for holidays, for work.

The truth is that we cannot “travel forever”. For lack of time (at least that our work is to travel, but in that case not always that trip is a pleasure), for lack of money, for family issues, health.

At the moment, my only “escape” in this 2018 was to the Hotel Sofitel La Reserva Cardales highly recommended, near Buenos Aires city.

I have had the pleasure of knowing beautiful places of my beloved Argentina and parts of Europe, Israel, United States, some places in Latin America.

But my list of slopes instead of decreasing as I’m traveling, continue to increase. A new destination always appears.

As I’m interacting in different networks, just reading a Tweet, see a photo of Instagram or reading blogs from places that I would not have thought of going, now I want to visit them.

My “little” list of top 10 pending destinations:

Staying in the Llao Llao: if you are reading this outside Argentina, you must know that I’m sure that is the best hotel in my country, precisely in Bariloche, a town located in the Patagonia. I tried twice to book but for different reasons I couldn’t travel. I still hope to visit soon.

Llao Llao Hotel, the picture that all took when we passed through the hotel.

Israel: I was only for a week 18 years ago. I visited Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Masada, Caesarea, Ein Guedi in May 2000, as part of an educational program that includes also a week in Poland, visiting the Concentration Camps.

Despite a very compact itinerary, I managed to have a panorama in both countries (I would like also return to Poland). In the case of Israel, there is much to be visit, such as Eilat in the south of the country, Haifa to the north, Netanya, Beersheba and more. Also I have enough family to visit. I could only see a couple of relatives in Tel Aviv.

Alsace Region, France: small towns such as Colmar, Eguisheim, Turckheim, Kaysersberg, Obernai, Strasbourg, Ribeauvillé.

– German Romantic Route: Quedlinburg, Halberstadt, Würzburg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Augsburg, dream towns. I always had it on my list, but reading @RaspandoelMapa, @BettBals and @ladipalma did nothing but tempt me!!!

Canada: saying “I’m going to Canada” is impossible to cover, even on several trips. But in this case I would have to start in Montreal because in the Holocaust Museum, there is a “gift” that my grandmother prisoner of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp made to a friend with pieces of the bread ration for her birthday. The friend saved it. After the war her friend immigrated to Montreal, my grandmother to Buenos Aires. The friend donated this gift as a testimony of the Nazi horror. My grandparents traveled to Canada in 1998. At the Museum they took an interview with my grandmother. In all my travels to New York I was so close, but for different reasons I couldn’t never go. Of course, in a trip to Montreal, I will add Toronto, Niagara Falls, Quebec.

Park of Ischigualasto (also named as Valley of the Moon): Argentina has a lot to see, this place in the province of San Juan is one of the must-see attractions of our country.

South of Italy: At the moment I concentrated on the north of the country. From Rome to the South, I didn’t visit anything. Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri, and Positano are the top five. Obviously return to the north of the country, still pending a full road trip through Tuscany. So many films filmed there that inspire us to know Italy, it’s inexhaustible. (Movies that inspire us to travel )

Portugal: recommended by several people as @carreteandoblog, and after seeing the series “The Time In Between” I cannot stop thinking about Lisbon as one of the destinations to visit. Sintra, Porto, Algarve would they would complete a first visit.

Switzerland: a country that we associate to Heidi strolling through the meadow, chocolates and watches. With those dreamy landscapes, I would like to visit Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Bern as well as getting lost in charming villages.  I owe this destination to the beautiful pictures to @elsuizorebelde, which shares on Twitter.

Purmamarca, Humahuaca, and Tilcara: all those places belong to Jujuy province. I have to admit “I don’t know much of north of Argentina”. I only dedicated my visit there to Salta, Cafayate and the Ruins of Quilmes (it already belongs to Tucumán province).

Obviously to the list I would add Peru, Turkey, Russia, Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Holland, Greece, Caribbean islands, Polynesia and much more.

I would like to repeat Italy, France, Spain, Austria, thousand times. The same with the United States or Mexico.

In Argentina, Bariloche, Villa La Angostura, Catataras Del Iguazú, El Calafate and the incredible glacier I can return again and again, I would never be tired of enjoying them.

My walk at the Perito Moreno Glacier, October 2016. I’ll never forget it.

I always had that dream traveler inside me, this is why I named to my blog as “Viajar Siempre (“Travel Always”) as well as my social networks (Twitter and Instagram).

My mission is to inspire you to travel, to know, to get out of our routine, from our comfort zone, regardless of whether it is far or near, few or many days.

And you, where do you want to visit for the first time or return?


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