Villa La Angostura for a day

This time our visit to Villa La Angostura was for the day. Thirteen years went by without travelling to this part of Patagonia.

It was in November 2018, our wonderful day there.

We drove from Bariloche in our Nissan Versa car, rented at Hertz. The distance between Bariloche, where we stayed, and Villa La Angostura it’s almost 82 kilometers (or 52 miles)

Just the road, offers us panoramic views of the mountains, lakes, and woods.

An amazing road, that is a must do!

Arrival at Villa La Angostura

About noon we were in Villa La Angostura. We just got place to park on the Avenue De Los Arrayanes, the main boulevard.

During part of the day, we walked a little around the “little village”, which we remember. But we were shocked by the growth of this calm and cute place.

Our previous visit was in November 2005; with the difference that we stayed for three nights at La Posada, Hostería & SPA (we stopped especially for a few minutes to see it from the road)

We have some Empanadas for lunch, in our restaurant located at the mentioned boulevard.

By mistake, they brought us a trout empanada, which obviously was not returned. To tell you the truth, was exquisite.

The places we visited this time

Lake Espejo (in English, Lake Mirror): this lake is the first of the Seven Lakes circuit, located only 12 km from the center of Villa La Angostura. From the route we stopped to enjoy it from viewpoint, contemplating this water mirror, it is not necessary to clarify the reason of the name.

Then we take the route to the entrance the beach of the lake, in order to stay a little while there, rest and absorb the peace that the lake gives us, the mountains and the lush green that surround us.

Rio Correntoso (river): known as the “shortest river in the world” of only 300 meters in length. This river joins the Lakes Correntoso and Nahuel Huapi.

From its pedestrian bridge and through its crystal clear water we will be able to see many trout as well stones and the riverbed. In this point, is located the famous Correntoso Lake is to River Hotel with its view of Nahuel Huapi Lake.

Lake Correntoso: this beautiful lake, with a coastal area that has an extensive municipal beach. Ideal to stay a good time enjoying it as well as to practice sports and activities such as canoeing, kayaking and small boat trips.

Puerto Manzano: we made a quick pass; it is one of the neighborhoods with the highest concentration of accommodation, a beautiful place to rest a few kilometers from the entrance to Villa La Angostura.

What to do in Villa La Angostura? The must do

Besides the mentioned places we visit this time, there are many more. I’m sharing with you the places that we visited in the past: 

Road of the Seven Lakes: this road connects Villa La Angostura with the village San Martin de Los Andes; along the 110 kilometers we enjoy the Lakes Espejo, Correntoso, Escondido, Villarino, Falkner, Machónico and Lacar. Route 234 is a winding mountain road where we see beautiful forests with different native species.

Cerro Bayo: for ski fans, it is one of the places to visit in winter time. Surrounded by forests and with an excellent view of Nahuel Huapi Lake

Los Arrayanes National Park / Quetrihué Peninsula and its viewpoint / Victoria Island: some made this excursion by boat from Puerto Pañuelo in Bariloche, on the Llao Llao Peninsula to arrive at the Quetrihue peninsula. Or you can visit from here.

Residence El Messidor: small French-style castle built in 1942 by the architect Alejandro Bustillo. Beautiful gardens surround the building that rises on the shores of Nahuel Huapi.  The architect also is the responsible for the Llao Llao Hotel

Several waterfalls: Inacayal waterfall, Santa Ana and Dora waterfalls, Diana waterfall, Río Bonito waterfall

Cardenal Samoré International Pass: connects the province of Neuquén with the Chilean cities of Orsorno, Frutillar, Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt.

This short visit just makes me remember that next time I’ll return to Villa La Angostura for a week.

Or at least, three days as our previous visit.

It’s an ideal place to rest, make the same things as locals do, stop our adrenaline and enjoy these beautiful places that the Patagonia Argentina offers.

We spent a nice day here.

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